Men’s Beautiful Designer Dress Ties


Fine looking ties speaks of confidence, style and maturity. There are many different reasons why men make certain sartorial choices, and why they favor certain trends over others. At RICARDO, customers can rest assured they will end up dressing stylishly to achieve a broad spectrum of goals.

Whether you intend to impress your boss or look pulled together on a first date, RICARDO has ties that you can effortlessly wear knowing that they will perfectly pair colors, textures, and patterns.

There are some factors that should be taken into consideration when buying your ties. Though ties make up a small component to a man’s wardrobe, they are statement piece. It is important to consider that ties come in many shapes and sizes. It is critical to get a tie that matches well with your body frame and the outfit you will be wearing. The classic men’s necktie is the four-in-hand. With a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, the four-in-hand tie can be worn under a sweater, with a suit, or while dressing up a shirt and slacks.

Remember ties come in any imaginable color, design, fabric, and even cut. But like most items in the menswear realm, fabric is king. Maybe you did not know that manufacturers cut the fabric in three sections on the bias and at a diagonal across the material to allow the tie to lie flat, and each one features lining to ensure proper fabric knotting.

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