Custom Clothing at RICARDO

Custom Clothing

RICARDO considers itself first and foremost a custom clothing shop. Our description of what we refer to as custom is an honest one. We provide custom wear in that we allow our clients to customize almost every aspect of their garment. This includes the fabric selection, the design, construction, and the sizing and fit of the clothing article.

Fabric selections include not only the 100% wool for the outer skin of a jacket, for example, but also the satin for the inside lining of the jacket body and sleeves, the felt underneath the collar and even the choices for the inside of the pockets. You can also accent your selections with matching or contrasting fabrics for the collars, cuffs, welts and stitching. Our fabrics are supplied by some of the best mills in the industry. If we do not have what you are looking for we will source it for you.

Your Design options afford you a choice of different styles and fits as well as variations in details such as collar, lapel, sleeve, cuff, pocket, button, lining and monogram. We construct your garment according to your request… whether it is the best in a handmade full canvas sport coat or suit or a more affordable build that achieves your esthetic requirements.

At RICARDO you have found the custom clothing service that offers you the bespoke options you are looking for. We take over 30 measurements and consider every nuance of your body in order to assure the Proper Fit and Style that you are looking for. Whether you are more comfortable in a looser fitting garment or you want the slim profile that complements your physique we will dress you accordingly. Giving you the finished product you deserve

Custom Clothing the RICARDO way


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Custom Hand-Made Suits by RICARDO and Other Custom Clothing Available for Customers in The Palm Beaches, Florida. Check Our Tailoring Expertise and Services