Dress Slacks: Quality Perfect Fitting Pants

dress slacks

Men’s well-fitting dress slacks are a classic, timeless and sexy look that is a required staple for any well-dressed man.

They can be worn alone with a good looking shirt and belt or with a jacket for a more polished look. They are certainly called for in formal and professional settings but also often appropriate at more relaxed occasions. Yes, some may say that it is possible to look good in a nice pair of jeans but it is not your best look and does not necessarily afford the situation the respect it may deserve…and of course as a well-dressed man you will exude confidence, power and ambition.

Dress Slacks Should Fit Properly

The hesitation to get dressed up may be in part because your slacks do not fit you properly and or do not look good. This is why one should invest in a few good quality pair of dress slacks that really compliment your physique. There are pants that fit, and there are pants that fit you. The kind of pants that make people remember you.

What makes a pair of men’s dress pants fit great? And what details should you look for? The basics are simple and easily identifiable, such as fabric, fit, cut and style. As long as they fit well and look great, a pair of dress pants will not go out of style and will be appropriate for any occasion.

At RICARDO we feel that it is our responsibility to provide you with the best advice when deciding what to buy. Among our selections of ready to wear dress slacks we offer luxurious Italian made Super 150’s as well as wrinkle resistant travel slacks. Our offerings rival the quality of more recognizable brand names, for a fraction of the cost. Economically affording you the ability to buy a few more pair.

Luxurious and Well Fitting Slacks

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